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Visual Terror: Extra Life – Head Shrinker

Lovely video…

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Extra Life – Ripped Heart EP

“When you told me that your cyst had fingernails and hair, I swore I’d never touch you again!”

Extra Life is a experimental math-rock band from Brooklyn US, featuring Charlie Looker(Zs, Dirty Projectors), Caley Monahon-Ward(Snowblink) and Nick Podgurski(Yukon). They play a very interesting style of music, namely math-rock, which is very technical and uses weird time signatures, hard and technical guitars often has hard starts and stops. Charlie Looker sings in a style called melisma, which is a form of singing often used in medieval and renaissance music. Melisma is the singing of a single syllable of text while moving between several different notes in succession. This style is quite popular with pop-singers and it fits Charlie’s voice quite well.

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