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Lach’n Jonsson – Music For the Dying Forest

The album is a good example of the, very small, local avant-garde underground rock scene form the 80’s, in Linköping, Sweden. I am really exited to have found out about the label Bauta Records and to be able to listen to interesting music straight from my own backyard!

Music For the Dying Forest is a interesting piece of music to say the least, think of the dreary sludge sound from Neurosis mixed with the post-rock model from artist like Kent and all coated in the distant and analogue mixed sound from songs like Let’s Stay Together by John V.  from the compilation album The Netherlands(I strongly urge you to look it up!).

The album contains some really good gems like, Waltz For Nova Scotia, Eldbevekelse, Humbaba och Cedarna and Frusen Bark. The pasing of the album may be a bit dragging at some times(it’s post-rock, what did you expect?) and the LP track listing isn’t as flowing as the CD’s.

One thing that makes this release a must is the sound of the synth on Humbaba och Cedarna and the feeling from Waltz For Nova Scotia, there are no comparisons to it, except for maybe Hassle Hound and John V. The distorted vocals at the begining of Ett Liv som Tiden Regnat Bort is quite reminissant of the vocal mashing of Rise of Elklink.

It is a interesting piece of independent and experimental rock definitively worth looking in to!
By the way, did I mention the album was written and preformed by one of my university teachers?

1. Vattnets Dans i Trädtopparna
2. Waltz For Nova Scotia
3. Skogen Flyr
4. Dämonverk
5. Ordsnår Leder Vilse
6. Skuggan
7. Ett Liv som Tiden Regnat Bort
8. Watasenia – Before and After
9. Eldbevekelse
10. Räven Haltar Fram på sitt Femte Ben
11. Frusen Bark
12.  Hybris
13. Humbaba och Cedarna
14. Amazonas
15. Flaubears Dancing(Bonus track)


(I have in no way been sponsored by him to write this review or did it to get better grades…)


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