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Lunar Aurora – Andacht

Mysticism… Stars… Cold unforgiving winter night… Gregorian chants and blast beats… Sorrow… Solitude.

These are some of feelings and themes which oozes out from this album by the Bavarian masters, Lunar Aurora. The album has a quite modern black metal basis, but incorporates a few touches which lifts the album among the best albums of the later half of 2000. The sound of water washing against a lonely, creaking  jetty on Geisterschiff, is a nice counterpoint to the rest of brutal songs. The rhythm and melody of the song and drums on Dunkler Mann is to die for… too bad it doesn’t last longer. The highlight of the album is the Gregorian type chants which is throughout some of the songs on the album and is most prominent on Der Pakt.

This is a album you should  not miss out on!

1. Glück
2. Geisterschiff
3. Dunkler Mann
4. Findling
5. Der Pakt
6. Der Ende

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