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Negură Bunget – Măiestrit



Greetings and salutations! I am back from the winter solstice celebrations and anguish and I hope you all had a joyous time celebrating it in the manner of your choosing. I have managed to regain my will and vigour from my life long tradition of catching a vile cold virus and spending a week or two in my bed, expelling a shipping tanker full of mucus from my sinuses.
Soon I will publish my list of the best albums of 2012, as is required by everyone who call themselves a reviewer or critic. But for now, let’s listen to one of the biggest black metal bands to come from the home of Dracula. (I find it quite weird that not more big BM bands have not come from such an iconic place as Transylvania, to capitalize on the whole “home of the dark and vampire” thing…)

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