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The Compass Rose – The Simulation District

The simulation district

*Ding dong*

You know that feeling when browsing Discogs for some new music to stave of the dreariness of reality for a while, and you stumble upon something that just hits all your buttons and fancies, even some you didn’t even know you had? Some new piece of music and art that just makes you feel excited, and fills your mind and heart with some emotion, joy I think it is called, even the thought that something like this could even exist fills you with mirth.

The Compass Rose and Ekhein does this to me.

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The Compass Rose – The Plough Horse

A very interesting release from 2010, by the new welsh duo The Compass Rose. A piece of sound art, based heavily on various samples of Jack Gillbert’s poetry about dystopian adventures, David Bowie’s Awful Carpet and whole wheat.

Side A starts with Concrete Company starts out with sweeping melody with  Jack Gilbert talking about various things including David Bowie. It’s a calm and soft track and a great start to the album.

Ghost of Industries on the other hand is much more industrial with  slow, vibrating drums, as Jack(?) talks about the world after a global catastrophe when the people struggle to survive. It has a Fallout atmosphere about it and is felt throughout the album.

Side B is more abstract and interesting sound wise and still has the poetry of Jack Gillbert.

It’s a short and sweet tape, calm yet interesting which even the most inexperienced listener to avant-garde music can enjoy!
Love the sound of the voice!

1. Concrete Company
2. Ghost of Industries
1.  The Plough Horse
2.  Portable Bus
3.  Rust Painting


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