The Compass Rose – The Plough Horse

A very interesting release from 2010, by the new welsh duo The Compass Rose. A piece of sound art, based heavily on various samples of Jack Gillbert’s poetry about dystopian adventures, David Bowie’s Awful Carpet and whole wheat.

Side A starts with Concrete Company starts out with sweeping melody with  Jack Gilbert talking about various things including David Bowie. It’s a calm and soft track and a great start to the album.

Ghost of Industries on the other hand is much more industrial with  slow, vibrating drums, as Jack(?) talks about the world after a global catastrophe when the people struggle to survive. It has a Fallout atmosphere about it and is felt throughout the album.

Side B is more abstract and interesting sound wise and still has the poetry of Jack Gillbert.

It’s a short and sweet tape, calm yet interesting which even the most inexperienced listener to avant-garde music can enjoy!
Love the sound of the voice!

1. Concrete Company
2. Ghost of Industries
1.  The Plough Horse
2.  Portable Bus
3.  Rust Painting



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