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Eitarnora – Tall Grasses and Black Ash

Tall Grasses and Black Ash93

… The wind is rustling in the trees, the glitter of a stagnant pond is reflected from a lonesome stag’s eye, cautiously lapping up the pure water to quench the neverending thirst of life. Suddenly, out of a bush steps Pan, gaily brandashing a guitar; the stag raises its head and reverently whatches as Pan slowly but shurely walks towards the pond. At the edge of the pond, Pan seats himself on  what once was a tall and proud tree, but has since fallen from grace to the earth and only remains a fallen and broken log, as a memory of its former glory. As Pan sits upon the broken log, he puts the guitar on his lap and gazing over the pond, he starts plucking softly at the strings. As the soft vibrations and tones float across the pond, through the tall grasses, between the trees, and up towards the heavens, with a strange and primal feeling, the whole woods seem to respond to the soft tones and joins the Pan in his eldritch music. With whole forest in tune and lead by the Pan sitting on his log, he watches the sky as it starts to fill with a ill wind that brings with it black ashes, telling the enevitable doom of all things and the bleak future of a world drenched in darkness…

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