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Free Friday: Anastasia Vronski – The Kursk

Yet again it is the end of another week and to celebrate I’ve decided to start a new series of posts dedicated to great, intreseting music that you can get for free!

To start it of I decided to bring attention to a 19min song from Anastasia Vronski entitled “The Kursk”. Made from an analogue synth and a underwater microphone to create the illution of sound heard from sailors perising from a ship wrek.

The feeling from the song is spot on and realy creative way of experimenting with sound and creating something unique. Give it a listen if you want to cool down from a hectic week or wanting to hear something different!

1. The Kursk

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Anastasia Vronski & Ricardo Alrucini – CTPAHHO – ESTRAMHO

“Anastasia Vronski & Ricardo Alrucini, they only knew the time, lenght, of each piece of music and they both recorded their parts under specific conditions.
The selection was blind, aleatory and reactionary, some pieces were deleted before the other had listened and some were not yet listened by the other.
Both parts were simply mixed and three of this experiments last to become a release of what each one imagined about what the other was recording. “

What can I say, other than this is a excellent example of masters in work. The soft drones in the background, screeching static samples and the distant screams and wailing. It all flows together to create a oppressive and dystopic world. Since the album is free to listen to mean you have absolutely no reason not to enjoy this work from one of the few female noise artists. You go girl!

1. C. E. 1
2. C. E. 2
3. C. E. 3

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