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Top Whatever Albums I Remembered From 2015 In No Particular Order (Or, Blimey That’s a Lot of Black Metal Albums Mate)


It’s that time of the year again, well it was a month ago, when it’s time to make an arbitrary list of albums released last year that you liked the most. I don’t really care about these kinds of lists, but for your enjoyment, here is an arbitrary list of albums what I liked! Get on with it!

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Law of the Rope / Crown of Bone – Split CS


Noise and black metal, a combination that is almost guarantied to be successful. Both genres are centered around the same or similar themes; death, evil, discord, chaos, and general unpleasantness. Even the music sounds somewhat the same, at least to some people. Even though the genres share the same philosophies and sound, there haven’t been THAT many splits from noise/BM-bands. Mostly from the fringe edges of both genres, and the bands that try to make a fusion with the genres often end up with a bland mess, than with something stunning. Maybe its because the inherent chaos and discord in both the styles means that neither of them can get along, or that both of them are too dominant so just one becomes audible; which is what has happened to this cassette, sadly.

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Straight Panic – Wuornos


Straight Panic just released yet another cassette on his new label Fuck Mountain, this time in the form of a fabulous hot pink tape, in-cased with a media-mistreated serial killer. Always provocative, but not so overtly gay this time.

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Jurko Haltuu / Miljoner Döda – Split

Jurko miljoner

Wow, Funeral Fog has some great stuff in their line-up, ey. Anatomiteatern, Nils Dacke, Jurko Haltuu, Miljoner Döda. It’s really shaping up to be one of the richest veins in Swedish noise/experimental music! So, for the third time a release from Funeral Fog, this time a split between the operator of the label and a lot of dead people!

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Mazakon Tactics – The Entrancing Cage

The Entrancing Cage

Here we go! Starting of the new year with some nice, cultured, poetry. Oh, but this is not your ordinary run of the mill poetry-slam, this is straight from the Lithuanian purveyors of the finest harshest noise, TERROR.lt.

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Å / Ecoute la Merde – 7″ split


Oh right, I’m supposed to write stuff here, sorry ’bout that, been a bit lazy lately.

I had a conversation recently with a friend about band names, and we got on to the topic of the frequent usage by bands of “exotic” letters, like, Ö, Æ, and Ø. A lot of bands use them liberally, and often use them to replace letter like, A , E, O, making their names quite fun to say using the correct pronunciation. All of these “exotic” letter come from the Scandinavian alphabet, however, a specific letter has been left in the dark and there is almost no bands that use this letter in their name; Å.

I like the letter “å”, it’s very aesthetically beautiful, the sharp geometric lines of the “A” with the perfect halo crowning it. Very nice! It also has many different meanings to it, just the letter alone. It can be an exasperation of ultimate pleasure, or of defeat and hopelessness. Beautiful and meaningful, why haven’t more bands used it?

Well, I know of a label, and also a band, both called Åderlåtning, which is Swedish for bloodletting. The label is Swedish and focusing on obscure, small editions of experimental tape music, and they are great! I recommend you give them a gander here! The band is a dark ambient/industrial act which I haven’t listened to any extended period, but they were pretty alright I seem to recall.

A while back I came across a video on YouTube of a live recording of a one man project called simply Å. It was pretty standard HN stuff with a good sound to them. But I didn’t find much information on them and I have since lost the video and trying to find it again seems pretty futile… Also I think they were from Italy. Flash forward to last week and the Lithuanian label Terror got a 7″ split in their distro, and what do you know, one of the two artists featured on the vinyl was named, simply, Å. Needless to say, I immediately ordered a copy!

I did some research(checked Discogs) and found that this Å is a HNW from France, and has been quite productive on a couple of labels. The most frequent being the French AnarchoFreaksProduction. This split I got was released by AnarchoFreaksProduction and Underground Pollution Records, and also features Ecoute la Merde, another quite prolific HN artist.

Both tracks are straight up harsh noise walls with little variation, Ecoute la Merde being the most sonicly diverse. This is not very nice music, but boy is it powerful! It feels quite weird trying to describe and compare HNW records, since they all, for the most part, are so similar to their sound, but if you know what harsh noise wall is you already know what you are getting into. All in all, solid HNW by good artist, and if anyone has a spare copy of any Å albums out there, I’d be happy to take care of them!

Discogs/AnarchoFreaksProduction/Underground Pollution Records

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Anatomiteatern – Sex Fingrar


Sorry ’bout the glare on the case…

I was planing on writing something about the new cassettes I got from the Baba Vanga label but I just got a new batch of cassettes with the latest Anatomiteatern cassette, and I just had to talk about it now! It has been a long while since I heard a pure harsh noise cassette this good, aside from Sluice Room but that was a CD so it doesn’t count, and from Sweden no less! It just tickeled all the right spots for me and allow me to indulge myself  for a bit.

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