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Anne-James Chaton – Événements 09

Anne-James Chaton is a french multifaceted artist who has published a number of music collaborations with, among others, Alva Noto, and featured in many different exhibitions. He has also started a poetry festival.

This album is a study of modern news media  and the everyday bombardment of useless information. Anne-James has saved lots of metro tickets, receipts, newspaper headlines etc. what he calls poor literature and uses it in his work. All this information, together with 9 world events from 2009, read by himself into a lo-fi microphone very close to his mouth to emphasize the “plosive” letters. He then cuts up and rearrange the sentences and uses his natural rhythm from reading the headlines and uses his “plosive” sounds to create a beat.

All you hear in this album is  his voice rapidly reading lots of information at the same time, to the point his voice is etched into your head and you fall into a trance. The album is also a study of the human voice and the one of the simplest form of music, where the voice is everything.

This album is definitively worth listening to!

1. événement n° 20 – jeudi 22 janvier 2009
2. événement n° 21 – jeudi 19 mars 2009
3. événement n° 22 – vendredi 12 juin 2009
4. événement n° 23 – vendredi 26 juin 2009
5. événement n° 24 – mardi 30 juin 2009
6. événement n° 25 – mercredi 1 juillet 2009
7. événement n° 26 – mardi 28 juillet 2009
8. événement n° 27 – vendredi 21 aout 2009
9. événement n° 28 – jeudi 24 septembre 2009
10. barack obama
11. sème le trouble
12. le printemps de téhéran
13. pop is dead
14. de l’empire
15. pina bausch
16. avoir peur
17. taliban
18. sommet de pittsburgh



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