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Schattenvald – II

It’s high time for some good ol’ black metal on this site I think!

And what better than some atmospheric BM from Bavaria! Schattenvald started in 1998 and have released 3 demo’s and 3 full length CD’s, and the song Rot vor Hass glüht’s im Gebirg was featured in the 2009 edition of In Autumnal Fog sampler, which is available for download.

The album at hand is true to the harsh, “true” sound of Black metal with horrible production value, the iconic drums and guitar sound, and inaudible growls. However, there are glimpses of some really great melodies in the the background, which sounds even better through the low quality recording.

Schattenvald – II is a great album for the black metal fan and defiantly worth checking out if you are in the mood for some brutal, old schoolish BM!

I. Es wird regnen
II. Mondlied
III. Des Mordenmondenkeyßers fahlsilbern Schreckensheer
IV. Höllenfahrt
V. Niedergang 1648: Eyn Raub von Flammen

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