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Sutcliffe Jügend – Pigdaddy

Sutcliffe Jüdgend is one of the earliest and harshest of the power-electronics bands from the 80’s and also one of the first noise albums I listened to. Sutcliffe Jüdgend started in the early ’82 as a side project of Kevin Tomkins, one of the members of Whitehouse, and gained notoriety as one of the harshest band in the young power-electronics scene.

The band took a hiatus in the middle of 1980 and it lasted until 1995. Since then they have started playing live shows at 2005, and produced a number of albums, and they are still active today.

Pigdaddy was one of the first noise album I heard and it made me intrested in the genre overall. Pigdaddy itself isn’t the most harshest album there is and heavily features distorted guitars, backing sounds and electroincs, and the harsh screams and violent preaching of Kevin Tomkins. The sound of the album is quite reminiscent of Jessica Rylan’s minimalistic approach with only one or two instruments that create the noise, and audible vocals.

Pick this up if you like Whitehouse, Jessica Rylan, or Prurient. Also if you want to hear some calmer noise or you just want to be reminded of man’s horrors and perversions!

I. Insult
II. Defacer
III. Pigdaddy
IV. Filth
V. Dirty
VI. Nonce


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