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Hellébore / Organisation Calvaire – Table Rase

Table Rase

Anybody remember the Canadian black metal band Hellébore that I wrote about a while back? That cassette was really neat and left me wanting for more, but noting new seemed to spring forth from them. Until that fateful day when I came across Mr. V from the French experimental un-orthodox black metal project Organisation Calvaire, who whispered softly about an amalgamation of old and new ways of the dark sonic arts. And now the time is here to finally hear what that most unholy of collaborations has begotten!

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Hellébore – Anouof Thwo

anouof thwo93

It has been a while since I last stargazed. Having moved a bit closer to the city core and living in a apartment with no decent view or balcony, the most I have gazed at the start for a long while is viewing the Big Dipper from my bedroom window. I miss those days when I could walk outside and see the night sky illuminated with the celestial bodies, and just stare and wonder at what could be beyond those giant gas gods.

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