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Hellébore / Organisation Calvaire – Table Rase

Table Rase

Anybody remember the Canadian black metal band Hellébore that I wrote about a while back? That cassette was really neat and left me wanting for more, but noting new seemed to spring forth from them. Until that fateful day when I came across Mr. V from the French experimental un-orthodox black metal project Organisation Calvaire, who whispered softly about an amalgamation of old and new ways of the dark sonic arts. And now the time is here to finally hear what that most unholy of collaborations has begotten!

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Rei Rea – Selected Works I: Still Suns


Selected Works I: Still Suns is the third physical release by the Canadian label Union Finale, and it is a compilation cassette with works from the Canadian noise/power electronics artist Rei Rea.

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S/V\R – Sur les Femmes I & II

SVR - Sur les femmes93

The coffee is brewed, the stereo is warmed up and turned to 11, the cassette is loaded; time to enjoy some sweet noise and observe the very promising first steps of a new record label, Union Finale!

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Mike Decline – Mood Soop

Lo and behold, here’s something new on YTiMS, actual “radio music”! I’d like to say, right from the start, that I’m not particularly familiar with this style of music. (I’m more of a breakcore, IDM, EBM, glitch fan…) Still, I’m not afraid to talk about music that’s not my cup of tea. Mood Soop is a calm, soft “Trip-Hop” album, and, despite labeled as instrumental, it features samples of people singing on virtually every song… It also features a couple of local Vancouver artist that I have no clue about, Ashleigh Eymann, Leathan Milne, and DJ K Rec, but perhaps some of you are familiar with them.

Canadian Mike Decline has been involved in the music scene for more than ten years, and he has been involved in music for TV and movies and DJ:ing private parties. He is now signed on Phonographique label.

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