Hellébore – Anouof Thwo

anouof thwo93

It has been a while since I last stargazed. Having moved a bit closer to the city core and living in a apartment with no decent view or balcony, the most I have gazed at the start for a long while is viewing the Big Dipper from my bedroom window. I miss those days when I could walk outside and see the night sky illuminated with the celestial bodies, and just stare and wonder at what could be beyond those giant gas gods.

Hellébore is a mysterious space-inspired(!) atmospheric black metal band from Quebec, and their new album Anouof Thwo was released along with Nemorensis‘ last month. Not much info on these guys either, other than they have released a demo prior to Anouof Thwo and that they are from Canada, and they make some kick-ass atmospheric black metal!

Bit of a slow start on the album and I wasn’t sure weather I was into what I heard, but after two listens of the cassette, I was sold. The B-side really shines and Les Martiens Étaient Lá… is a really good song. The songs overall have a very unique sound to them, not quite the standard “atmospheric” sound, much more akin to the rawness of a lo-fi black metal sound, but with a more graciousness and melodic presence.

The album changes tone quite often during the course of the five songs but it doesn’t feel random or discorded, the flow in the melodies is always present and makes the album feel cohesive and well made. Hellébore’s Anouof Thwo is despite the silly sounding name, (what is it with dark BM and naming the bands after flowers?), is a really good album and if you like atmospheric black metal, with a nice and smooth journey through the heavens, definitely get this sexy blue cassette!

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23 919/93


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