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ყორღანი – კავკასიონი (Kurgan – Caucasian)

ბედნიერი დღე! I’ve finally found a really good traditional black metal band from Georgia! Heavy on synth and mood, and inaudible growls(in what I hope is Georgian). This is what I’ve been searching for the last 3-4 years! გამომყევი ქვესკნელში სამოგზაუროთ!

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Hellébore / Organisation Calvaire – Table Rase

Table Rase

Anybody remember the Canadian black metal band Hellébore that I wrote about a while back? That cassette was really neat and left me wanting for more, but noting new seemed to spring forth from them. Until that fateful day when I came across Mr. V from the French experimental un-orthodox black metal project Organisation Calvaire, who whispered softly about an amalgamation of old and new ways of the dark sonic arts. And now the time is here to finally hear what that most unholy of collaborations has begotten!

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Dodecahedron – S/T

From the land with magical smoking coffee shops and endless tulip fields, comes a new addition the the ever growing field of un-orthodox and experimental black metal. Dodecahedron is a geometrical figure with twelve regular pentagonal faces.
Dodecahedron, formerly known as Order of the Source Below, is a new experimental black metal band, with some melodic elements and interesting drum work. Though some claim that they are avant-garde, I do not agree; they are not challenging and innovate for me to be in the same realm with, for example, Solefald, Pyramids, Meshuggah. Continue reading

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Yellow Eyes/Monvment – Split

Two of the best underground/true/lo-fi/whatever-you-want-to-call-it black metal bands, to emerge from the United States, have banded together and released a truly monumental and blasphemous split! The cassette is at the same time the second album released by both the New York based, Yellow Eyes and Chicago based, Monvment. If you ever doubted that there  could ever come great and raw black metal music from the land of plastic and over consumption, this cassette shows great promise of two great and individual bands may be coming forth to set their mark on the underground black metal scene!

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