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Árstíðir – Svefns og vöku skil

The soft inde band Árstíðir are back with a beautiful and emotional album! Árstíðir consists of six members with different musical backgrounds and all of them uses their unique vocal harmonies to great effect. Svefns og vöku skil uses a wide array of instruments, including cellos, acoustic guitars, pianos, violins and all of the members sing. Since there is a different singer on all the songs, you might not like all of the vocals, and at times it’s weird to hear someone new at every new song. But all of them can sing and the style of music is consistent throughout the album.

I personally don’t listen very often to this type of music, which you might guess, but Árstíðir does it so good that even a jaded black metal and noise fan, like me, can listen to and enjoy their music. And since all, but three, songs are written in Icelandic my attention is kept on the beautiful lyrics. But sometimes it gets too soft and “mjäkigt” for my taste, esspecially on Brestir. Other times the album is harrowingly beautiful; Ljóð í sand, Nú gleymist ég, Shades and Tárin are all excellent track and astounding.

Deffiently listen to this album if you want to hear some beautiful Icelandinc and Sigur Rós isn’t for you, or if you want to cool down and want to hear something beautiful for once.

I. Ljóð í sand
II. Brestir
III. Lost in you
IV. Days & nights
V. Orð að eigin vali
VI. Á meðan jörðin sefur
VII. Við dagsins hnig
VIII. Hvar
IX. Nú gleymist ég
X. Til Hennar
XI. Shades
XII. Tárin



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Árstíðir – S/T


Beautiful, emotional, acoustic music from mysitical Iceland!

A relatively new band from Reykjavik, featuring acoustic guitars, violins, pianos, cello and various “classical” instruments, with lyric both in English and Icelandic.

It is a beautiful album with some uneven tracks but the overall feel of the album is very pleasant and a great relaxing album, suitable for most romantic situations.

The tracks with lyrics in Icelandic is the best, partly because the singer has a better sound than when he sings in English and maybe it’s because I think Icelandic is one of the most beautiful languages.

Go to their bandcamp page if you want to listen to it first and it also contains a free song!

1. Ages
2. Heiðin
3. Distance
4. Sunday Morning
5. Látum okkur sjá
6. Kill Us
7. You Have To Know of Me
8. Vonarneisti
9. Næturylur
10. Síðasta kveðjan


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