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Signal – robotron

Excellent minimalistic glitchy-esc electronica from Carsten Nicolai, Frank Bretschneider, Olaf Bender.

Straight from the mind of a computer comes this fine little glitchy example of melodic and simple music made from pure tones, radar bleeps and hypnotic melodies. Usually this style of music can become quite boring and repetetive because they are so mellow and don’t take any risks and experiment with glitches and messed up soundbits.

robotron on the other hand dodges thease pitfalls and keeps a steady and interesting flow of harmonies and glitchy sound. Some fine examples of songs are: naplafa, robotron, rawema and datasette.

If you are interested in pure electronic music and glitch music (which you should be), this album is a good start, not too harsh but still enjoyable and interesting!

1. intro (monsator)
2. ermafa
3. naplafa
4. robotron
5. malimo
6. wismut
7. rawema
8. datasette
9. sporett
10. epirex motor
11. wismut (version)



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