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Kites/Prurient – The Hidden Family/+White+

A 12″ split from the two noise artists Kites and Prurient, whom are both quite prolific and good artists. The album is one of the first noise albums I heard, besides Merzbow and Jessica Rylan. Both artist on the split are quite known in the noise world and have a different sound to their msuic.

Prurient’s side on the split consists of one short, quite calm, instrumental song and a harsher song with screetching sounds and some wierd drums and cymbals accompanied with Dominic Ferrnow’s screams(with lyrics!).

Kites’ side is a bit more melodic than the A side, and utilizes more samples and have a more refined sound to it,I you can say that… It is still great and great example that noise doesn’t always have to be a wall of feedback and painful screeches.

The overall feel in this album is great an the both sides compliments each other and is a great listen!

Kites – The Hidden Family

A1: The Hidden Family
A2: Screw Style
A3: All the Jesus Shit
A4: Tears of the Youth
A5: Footsteps on the Path, Animals in the Trees

Prurient – +White+

B1: I Lay Down On The Ground In The Woods And Fell Asleep (Instrumental)
B2: Spanish Moss

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