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Dave Longstreth – The Graceful Fallen Mango

What constitutes as good music? Is it the harmonies of the singer? The soft and pleasant melodies of a acoustic or electric guitar? The smooth bas or rhythmic hypnotic drums? Why are certain accords in sequence so poplar that almost all modern pop music uses them? Why are we so set in our music that we often repeat melodies in many songs, when there are practically endless melodies and new songs just waiting to be written? Why do I like David Longstreth’s uncertain and almost broken voice when there are more technically gifted singers? Why do I listen to badly produced indie singer/songwriters, when I in all other cases hate and despise pop-ish music? Maybe I’m just a hipster and I always try my hardest to search the web for the most obscure and bad music I can find, even if they are a boring set of people with access of a guitar and a tape recorder…

I’m not trying to answer any of these questions and while I don’t particularly like being seen as a “hipster”, I do not blame you if you think so (I do have some sense of self-awareness you know.). My personal compass for what I like in music is very much guided by what I find artistically interesting and if I perceive the band/artist as “honest” and “true” to the feeling and meaning of what they are creating.

Oh, I forgot this is a site where I review music…

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