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Vanligt Folk – S/T EP


A couple of weeks ago I was visiting our fine capital city of Stockholm for a live performance of Death in June, which was absolutely fantastic! Douglas P. put on a wonderful show, as always, and the crowd was great and almost everyone sang along to the hits and had a lovely time. The variety of people who were attending was very interesting to see; from the “hard core” synth-goth with 4″ boots and leather trench coat, to the more involved hipster, and the true old-school industrial who’s been around and seen the revolution first hand. But my favorite was a guy from northern Sweden, wearing an old German camo-coat and sporting an extensive knowledge of extreme music that was just up my alley! He was just a swell guy and even Douglas P. seemed to think so, giving him a horned plastic helmet with the totenkopf on a rainbow patch!

But I digress, this post isn’t about people who listen to pretentious neo-folk, it’s about Vanligt Folk

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