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Sluice Room – Antinatalist Variations

Antinatalist Variations

“I further observed all the oppression that goes under the sun: the tears of the oppressed, with none to comfort them; and the power of their oppressors—with none to comfort them. Then I accounted those who died long since more fortunate than those who are still living; and happier than either are those who have not yet come into being and have never witnessed the miseries that go under the sun.” ―The Biblical book of Ecclesiastes, 4:1-3

Sink Slop Processing are back with the second release from their resident project Sluice Room, which some of you more devoted readers may remember my look at their first offering. A sweet and exciting experimental noise recording, which was a breath of fresh air in the increasingly stagnant and repetitive sluice of harsh power electronic walls that have become the staple of the noise music scene for the last couple of years. Is the offal from the Sluice Room still fresh and glistening, or has it already begun to decay and reek of putrid death?

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Sluice Room – S/T

Sluice Room

Alright, enough with the self-loathing dark ambient emo stuff, time to go back to the stuff that made me start this “review site” in the first place; some good ol’ fashioned harsh noise!

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