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Burzum – Fallen

The latest album from one of the founding fathers of Black Metal was released in March this year and it is somewhat different from Belus, which is more grittier, lo-fi and “truer” than Fallen. But this new album is a look back at the black metal we all know and love, and yet it feels new and improved. Granted, the production is much higher and his vocals is so clear you don’t have to look at the lyrics to know what he is singing. Nonetheless you can’t deny this is a solid black metal which we expected from Varg.

The hard and insistent drumming is still intact and brutal. The riffs are more crisp and clear and melodic. The lyrics is the biggest difference from Belus, because the vary from very clear and clean to very clear growls. Because the lyrics are so catchy to boot, this album is a great starter for someone who wants to get into BM, but hasn’t gotten used to the vocals.

The hardcore true black metal fans probably has some issues with the much more clean and polished sound of the album, but I urge them to atleast give it a try, maybe just because it is Varg motherfucking Vikernes!

Fylking fremmad! Fylking marsj!

1. Fra Verdenstreet (introduksjon)
2. Jeg Faller
3. Valen
4. Vanvidd
5. Enhver til Sitt
6. Budstikken
7. Til Hel og Tilbake Igjen (konklusjon)



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