Vanligt Folk – S/T EP


A couple of weeks ago I was visiting our fine capital city of Stockholm for a live performance of Death in June, which was absolutely fantastic! Douglas P. put on a wonderful show, as always, and the crowd was great and almost everyone sang along to the hits and had a lovely time. The variety of people who were attending was very interesting to see; from the “hard core” synth-goth with 4″ boots and leather trench coat, to the more involved hipster, and the true old-school industrial who’s been around and seen the revolution first hand. But my favorite was a guy from northern Sweden, wearing an old German camo-coat and sporting an extensive knowledge of extreme music that was just up my alley! He was just a swell guy and even Douglas P. seemed to think so, giving him a horned plastic helmet with the totenkopf on a rainbow patch!

But I digress, this post isn’t about people who listen to pretentious neo-folk, it’s about Vanligt Folk

During my stay in Stockholm, I took the opportunity to visit Kollaps, the only decent record store for my peculiar taste. While browsing their excellent selection of industrial, synth, and noise music,(/advertisement) I found a intriguing cassette by Vanligt Folk, so I bought it thinking it might be a nice new Swedish lo-fi noise style band or something like dusa. But that wasn’t exactly the case.

This is the first EP by the Swedish EBM/electro band Vanligt Folk and it was released this year on Progress Production label. The first thing that struck me when listening to it for the first time was how similar they sound to another Swedish EBM/electro/post-rock/punk/whatever band Munnen. The same kinda of trashy sounding guitars and drums, crappy keyboards/synths and the kinda same foppish “släntrian” singer. Vanligt Folk is a bit more varied though, with songs changing from the “tribal”(not the word I’m looking for) sound of Herrar och Hundar to more mellow and slow electro, like I en Värld Utan Hjältar and Moralekonomin/Ofreda Biståndet.

They are still very much “listenable” and leaning very heavy to sounding like pop, and the fact that a  SVT-reviewer has named them “musical hope for 2013” and liked to their music video truly solidified my fears that Vanligt Folk is a hipster-friendly band! Oh, and the lyrics are just something! Oh boy…

“stympa svälta skrika svina slakta suga svina stympa 
svälta skrika svina slakta suga svina slakta suga 
suga ut suga på suga av sälja svälja stympa svälta 
skrika svina svina slakta suga suga ut suga på 
suga av suga ut suga av “

That’s some Shakespeare level writing right there!

“I en värld utan hjältar 
Ingen civilkurage 
Ingen solidaritet 

Primadonnor å posörer 
Vem fan behöver 

Lite jävlar å anamma 
Nu med det samma”

So insightful, such thoughtful message, wow, much provoking…

If you can live with being called a hipster, Vanligt Folk is a good cassette to check out if you happen to come across it. It’s available on pretty much every format, promo-CD, vinyl, MC, and download. Listen to some boring hipster-pop-crap this week, why don’t ya?! You’ll be the envy of the schoolyard with your pastel pink sweater vest, bowl-cut and “ironic porn-mustache”, and blastin’ Vanligt Folk through your Walkman!

I. Herrar och Hundar
II. Moralekonomin/Ofreda Biståndet
III. Idioter av Församlingen
IIII. I en Värld Utan Hjältar
I. Svårt Kristen
II. Primadonnor Å Posörer
III. Dina Skattepengar


93 93/93


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