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CONTROL HUMAN DELETE – Operation: Genesis Reprise

Regardless to successive procreation and prosperity, which leaded to the higher development of social and environmental reengineering, man kept neglecting their own nature and fundamental structure. The God-forsaken presence is tearing down the last standing walls of historical morality. The future is reshaping history and mankind is pulling itself under like a string of manipulated clones.

Come forth, seen in dreams. Profound… what should have been?

Acts of reason, science and futuristic trance. Ignore inheritance to strive improbability. Enlightenment, raise the fool of predictions. Predict the future or destroy history?

The search for common sense. Challenge the dogma or religious doctrine. Manmade multilayered morality. Pollute the precious thinking of mankind’s history. This will put us to death.

Laughter, sense… sadness depraved. Contradictions in cosmological claims. Scale back mind and soul with scent of scourge still in our veins.

To discover the lies of life, subside lack of sense. To realize absolute knowledge, wounds must be healed.

“Does the idea of a genetic intervention by an intelligent human-like species require to be taken seriously?” ¹ Then… are we God-forsaken?

“Consider that any consistent explanation that a theory may give for its predictions is as good as any other — or as good as no explanation at all — so long as the predictions are true” ² Then… are we God-forsaken?

For we are sentenced in this time, in which this moral code is injected. This would give us more understanding. When we trade the Earth for knowledge. No human was taught to think in such terms. We just tumbled upon the face of this Earth.

Ballistic use of inner senses. Resolvable into this set of instructions. Where man never searched for redemption. Be prepared for a new futuristic movement. No human was taught to think in such terms. We just tumbled upon the face of this Earth.

Revelations in repeating sequence. The presence as global fire instrument. Where Genesis is suffering apathy. And malice is shaping the course of history.

¹ Alan F. Alford, Gods of the New Millennium.
Brief summary of a hypothesis Alan F. Alford proposes in “Gods of the New Millennium.” In his book he mainly argues the “Ancient Astronaut Theory.”
² David Deutsch, the Fabric of Reality.
“The Fabric of Reality” combines the four strands: Quantum Physics and the theories of knowledge, Computation and Evolution to give meaning to the structure of Reality.

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