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Controlled Bleeding – Shanked and Slithering


Another harsh noise album from the excellent label Hospital Productions.

This kinda, sorta, album/compilation is produced by Controlled Bleeding which has made quite a name for themselves among the other long running noise artists. As I said above, this is noise as we all know and love, rough, harsh and assaults your ears! But there are no high frequency sounds or amp feedback(which blows out your eardrums), so even the most fainthearted can listen without getting a heart attack. On the other hand it is quite safe and doesn’t blow your mind, yet sometimes it’s just nice with som good ol’ fashion noise to sooth the nerves.


1. Swallowing Scrap Metal No. 9
2. Shanked and …
3. Bees No. 1
4. Bees No. 2
5. Dry Lung
6. Vole
7. Experiments Infuck
8. Bladder Bags (Session No. 1)
9. Hymn No. 1
10. Horsemeat (Yak Remix)
11. Swallowing No. 5 (Power Mix)
12. Bladder Bags (Session No. 2)
13. Hymn No. 2



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