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Veiled – After Hours

After Hours

Alright, the latest release from Silvox Recordings comes from the lo-fi industrial electronic duo Veiled, from Philadelphia/Barcelona. Quite a new band with the earliest release in 2010, according to Discogs; and they are yet another of this new wave of ultra down scaled, dirty, obscure, tape releasing electronica bands that have seen a resurgence the last couple of year, possibly as a result by the rising population of hipsters that retreat to the gritty and analogue sound of 70/80 synth and dark wave music. Infused with minimalism aesthetics and simple imagery, and/or photos from the seventies/eighties, they create a sort of new from of exploitation film soundtracks for a dark and dreary hipster-emo basement club. (Do hipsters listen to this sort of music, I’m not sure…)

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