Veiled – After Hours

After Hours

Alright, the latest release from Silvox Recordings comes from the lo-fi industrial electronic duo Veiled, from Philadelphia/Barcelona. Quite a new band with the earliest release in 2010, according to Discogs; and they are yet another of this new wave of ultra down scaled, dirty, obscure, tape releasing electronica bands that have seen a resurgence the last couple of year, possibly as a result by the rising population of hipsters that retreat to the gritty and analogue sound of 70/80 synth and dark wave music. Infused with minimalism aesthetics and simple imagery, and/or photos from the seventies/eighties, they create a sort of new from of exploitation film soundtracks for a dark and dreary hipster-emo basement club. (Do hipsters listen to this sort of music, I’m not sure…)

After Hours falls neatly into this category of style new analogue electronica, dark and foggy melodies and slow repetitive rhythms which oozes out gritty atmosphere fit for the shabbiest place.

As stated on the release page, it was recorded in a dark downtown basement of Olde City, Philadelphia, and I wouldn’t have guessed anything else. “The sleaziest Veiled recording to date.” No argument there! All in all, After Hours is a well crafted sleazy album for a night on the streets! Not really pushing any boundaries, but with music this tight, who cares!?



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