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WOLFMANGLER – Cooking With Wolves

There are good band names and there are fantastic names, Wolfmangler is among the latter!

I first came across the band while browsing the excellent label Aurora Borealis for new interesting stuff, when I suddenly saw, in bold text, Wolfmangler. Lest to say, my curiosity was instantly sparked and I started looking up more info on the band. The more I read about the band the more intriguing they became; a drone black metal band featuring Bowed double bass, electric bass and violin with wispered, sinister vocals and lyrical themes about mysticism, abstract concepts and wolves.

The band is a project started by D. Smolken, formely a member of Dead Raven Choir, which is a raw black metal/accoustic folk band from Poland and is also avaiable at Aurora Borealis.

Cooking With Wolves is music from the deepest, darkest void. Foreboding, dismal violins, soft tribal drums and a whispering evil voice bellowing out dark lyrics. The album is filled with a dreadful atmosphere that never leaves and is best listened to in the pitch black night or at a sardonic ritual.

1. All of You 03:19
2. Czerwony Pas 06:28
3. Ol’ Man River 02:45
4. Beata Z Albatrosa 03:02
5. Compost with a Grudge 03:24
6. Zegar 05:34
7. Szwolezerowie 07:46
8. Easy to Love 05:45
9. Uneasy Autumn Moan 04:10
10. In the East 04:47
11. She Dances 03:12
12. To a Modern Poet 04:36
13. To the Boy Elis 04:08
14. French Vampire Carol 01:06

Any self-respecting drone/dark folk fan should look up Wolfmangler!

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