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The Gray Field Recordings – Nature. Desires. Nature.

The Gray Field Recordings graciously asked me to review their new album Nature. Desires. Nature. and I am really glad they did! This is one of the most hauntingly beautiful albums I have heard in a long time!

The Gray Field Recordings was formed by R. Loftiss, she uses a vide variety of instruments  in her music, like guitars, flutes, cellos, toys, her voice, synths and anything else that makes a noise. The Gray Field Recordings music are influenced by folk, classical, psychedelic and krautrock, and noise, the moon, trolls, fairies, witches and talking animals, by the writings of Jakob Boehme, Israel Regardie, Leonora Carrington, Doris Lessing, and Rainer Rilke.

They have released five albums so far on different labels, including Ethedrone Muzac and AntiClock Records.

On to the album ahead, Nature. Desires. Nature. is a experimental/noise/ambient album and it is extremely soulful and emotional. The fidellity and sound texture of falling and breaking wood on The Mapel Seldom Inward Sound is chillingly sharp if you listen to it with headsets!
Loftiss’s voice is hauntingly beautiful, especially on the track Willow Wally, and backed with the cello, it’s amazing.

It is released on the label Reverb Worship, which focuses on EXTREMELY limited edition copies, and Nature. Desires. Nature. is only printed in 51 copies. So if you are lucky enough, get it!

Nature. Desires. Nature. is a beautiful, well put together, somber yet playful album that you should diffidently listen to, if you like emotional music. Grab you high-end headphones, crank up the volume, close your eyes and let The Gray Field Recordings take you on a short, but sweet journey.

I. Nature
II. The Mapel Seldom Inward Sound
III. Willow Wally
IV. Star Bells
V. Scared of Wolves



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