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Secret Stairways – Enchantment of the Ring

‘Around Knock Greine and Knock-na-Rae,
Ben Bulbin and Keis-Corainn,
To Ben Echlann and Loch Da ean,
From thence north-east to Slieve Guilin,
They travelled the lofty hills of Mourne,
Round high Slieve Donard and Ballachanery,
Down to Dundrim, Dundrum and Dunardalay,
Right forward to Knock-na-Feadala’

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The Compass Rose – The Simulation District

The simulation district

*Ding dong*

You know that feeling when browsing Discogs for some new music to stave of the dreariness of reality for a while, and you stumble upon something that just hits all your buttons and fancies, even some you didn’t even know you had? Some new piece of music and art that just makes you feel excited, and fills your mind and heart with some emotion, joy I think it is called, even the thought that something like this could even exist fills you with mirth.

The Compass Rose and Ekhein does this to me.

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Everyday Loneliness – An Error in Judgement

An Error in Judgement

You know what, to be a bit frank and perhaps a bit too personal with you, I’ve been in a pretty terrible mood this past week. Perhaps it was a smaller anxiety attack from the realization that I still don’t know where I’m going in life, and that I have a pretty big problem with dealing with stuff and getting shit done. And because of this, I end up alone in my small apartement, procrastinating everything to the last second and feeling like crap the whole time; just sitting and clicking from page to page on Reddit, and escaping my thoughts by leaving Spotify running endlessly. Maybe I have some real issues I need to deal with or maybe I’ve just been listening to too much introspective, downer, sad drones, like the latest cassette I’ve bought, Everyday Loneliness – An Error in Judgement

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Skeldos – Ispaudai


Well, here’s something interesting, I got a submission from a relatively new Lithuanian project to spotlight their new release on the Lithuanian noise label Terror. I’ve been quite interested in that label for a while and been meaning to pick up some of their stock and zines. They have quite a large selection of various European noise-cassettes that seem interesting. One of their latest releases are from Skeldos, the aforementioned project.

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Veiled – After Hours

After Hours

Alright, the latest release from Silvox Recordings comes from the lo-fi industrial electronic duo Veiled, from Philadelphia/Barcelona. Quite a new band with the earliest release in 2010, according to Discogs; and they are yet another of this new wave of ultra down scaled, dirty, obscure, tape releasing electronica bands that have seen a resurgence the last couple of year, possibly as a result by the rising population of hipsters that retreat to the gritty and analogue sound of 70/80 synth and dark wave music. Infused with minimalism aesthetics and simple imagery, and/or photos from the seventies/eighties, they create a sort of new from of exploitation film soundtracks for a dark and dreary hipster-emo basement club. (Do hipsters listen to this sort of music, I’m not sure…)

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He of No Name – I Collect You


All right! Time for a look at one of the more interesting labels to come out of Northern Idaho, Sol y Nieve! A label that I have mentioned before, with the release of Yellow Eyes’ first cassette and Monvment and Ten Thousand Miles of ArteriesSol y Nieve truly has some great releases under its belt, and it seems like there will be no stopping of great releases to come!

This week I’ll be taking a look at a small sample of the fine works available through Sol y Nieve and the latest cassettes, released on 1/27/14. And first of the bat is the very elusive and very aptly named He of No Name!

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Visual Terror: Gauchiste – Choeur II

Designer black metal.

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