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Malsain – They Never Die

Malsain is a relatively new  Norwegian black metal band which started in 2003, but didn’t release their first full length album until two years later with the release of They Never Die.

The band themselves describe their music as “Claustrophobic Metal”, and their songs usually dwell in nightmarish themes and similar themes.  Musically Malsain never venture beyond the traditional black metal formula, which is not a bad thing because they do it really well. And with the singer in the band  being female saves the band from disappearing amongst all the other BM bands.

The album They Never Die is a really nice addition to the BM arsenal with the hi-light of the album being the fifth song “Kvele Seg”  which is also avaiable as a video on YouTube. The album is great if you are in the mood for some straight forward BM greatness and Skummring’s vocals makes the experience somewhat  unique  and not totaly forgettable.

1. Troubled Waters
2. The Marsh
3. They Never Die
4. Cold Strofobia
5. Kvele Seg
6. Brent Tre
7. Lokkemann (Demo Version)

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