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Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries – Exorsa



Back from the dead, I have dwelled in a miserable tomb of self loathing and depression, not even having the energy to write something on YTiMS; but I have been brought back to the living by a forgotten cassette in my collection. A cassette of the most darkest and oppressive soundscape I have heard in a long time; a cassette I had ordered together with Yellow Eyes, from Sol Y Nieve, when I first discovered them, but for some reason Thousand Miles of Arteries disappeared from my consciousness, till today. Perhaps my then naive mind couldn’t fathom the splendor and total blackness of vile cyclopean blasphemy, I had to spiral into this state of mind to really be able to appreciate the power of Exorsa.

Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries – Exorsa is a compilation cassette of the bands two demos released in 2006 and 2008, and was released through the artists own most excellent label Sol Y Nieve in 2010.

Exorsa kicks of right from the start with the unbelievable screams of the damned that black metal singer dream of being able to expel. The sheer volume and ferocity of the wails must have been conjured up from a portal to hell in Chicago. Noah really out did himself on this one! The sounds he manages to produce is excellent, the harsh vile industrial noise blended with the utter blackness of the bass is utterly overpowering. Listening to it with a pair of higher end headphones with a decent bass is out of this world! I can’t believe I didn’t listen or realize how splendid this cassette is… The screams and noise are just prefect, and I must sound like a total fanboy right now. I just don’t know how else to describe it other than with this much praise. Just listen to it with a pair of decent headphones and a dark state of mind, and perhaps you’ll understand.

Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries has suddenly jolted up to the top of my list of dark harsh noise albums! Right up there with Venowl, but with a more personal and reflective feeling. The cassette is also limited to 50 copies and is sold out, I feel very lucky to own it, despite I totally forgot about it. I’m glad I decided to sit down and listen to a tape at random!

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93 93/93



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