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Jessica Rylan – Private Time

Private Time is the feeling of beeing all alone at home, with nothing to do, except for playing with the noise generator, sound system, and a microphone.

The most prominent sound is Jessica humming tunes, backed only with destroyed and overmixed sounds. I love the track Lonely at Night which feature what sounds like someone touching the unplugged speaker cable, throughout the track, while Jessica humms different scales into a badly mixed microphone.

This album was one of the first noise albums I have heard and I instantly fell in love with the absolutely spot on feeling from the album.  Imagine yourself laying on the bed or chouch, on a saturday, with absolutely no plans for the day and feeling like doing absolutely nothing productive all day, and just laying back with a tape recorder and playing with your voice and unplugged speakers. Sheer genius from Jessica’s mind!

A1. Pt. 1
A2. Lonely at Night
A3. Bottomless Pit of my Heart
B1. Just Once Can Be Too Much
B2. Please Come Back From the Moon
B3. Pt. 2



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