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Runhild Gammelsæter – Amplicon

How many female Norwegian black metal vocalists, who have worked with Stephen O’Malley (from Sunn O))) ), has a PhD in cell physiology and one of the most brutal guttural vocals/growls you’ve ever heard, do you know of?

Probably no one, but thanks to me you too can feel superior to your friends by displaying your newfound knowledge of the phenomenon Runhild Gammelsæter. She began singing for a short lived band together with Stephen O’Malley called Thorr’s Hammer (that’s two r:s not one), which spawned two demos. Both EP’s are a must for the most jaded and elitist of black metal fans. She has also worked with the band Khlyst, with James Plotkin, and vocals on the Sunn O))) album White1.

Now on to her first solo album Amplicon which is a dark ambient/drone/avant-garde creation, featuring distorted guitars, growls intertwined with clean vocals. Right from the start of the album  you can almost get auditory whiplash from her vocals, if you aren’t prepared. But that’s what makes it so great!!

Since it is a dark ambient album, there isn’t so much “music” to speak of, it’s more of a ambiance and atmosphere and that she does right. You can tell that she has been influenced by Stephen O’Malley and you almost expect him to bring out the amplifiers and turn them to eleven!

Get it, play it on a dark rainy day with a glass of whine and a Lovecraft novel!!

EDIT: It has come to my attention that both the first and second pressing of the Amplicon LP is available from her label at, so now there is no excuse for not buying it!

I. Collapse – Lifting the Veil
II. Expanding the Universe
III. Life
IV. Evolution
V. Incubation
VI. Birth
VII. Coming To
VIII. Love
IX. Senescence
X. Dying
XI. Void – Empty Spaces Between Elements



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