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ყორღანი – კავკასიონი (Kurgan – Caucasian)

ბედნიერი დღე! I’ve finally found a really good traditional black metal band from Georgia! Heavy on synth and mood, and inaudible growls(in what I hope is Georgian). This is what I’ve been searching for the last 3-4 years! გამომყევი ქვესკნელში სამოგზაუროთ!

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Alright! Enough procrastination and let’s check out the two new releases from our latest favorit dark wave/synth, or whatever, artist, VLIMMER!

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Vlimmer – I & II


Oh gosh… Where am I, who am I, what year is this? If the start of this year is any indication of what is to come next, I’d better brace myself for the worst…

For any of you lovely, beautiful readers out there were wondering if I had given up and desperately waiting to hear my choices for the best X albums of 2015, I am sorry. At the new year shift I focused on my personal life and other more pressing stuff, and just the week I was getting ready to write the first new review I came down with some weird flu or fever or something, and not the fun kind of fever.  A whole week of feeling like my head was going to implode on itself and barely being able to think straight meant I had to lay in bed all day.

But this isn’t a blog for my personal physical and/or mental health(but if you can assess what you can of it from these reviews, knock yourselves out), but for me to hammer on the keyboard for a while to make me feel a bit more important. And today’s review will be a commissioned thing about the nice darkwave, shoegaze, German band Vlimmer!

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Jormungand ‎– Fragments Of A Hologram Rose


 “The rule of fear becomes concrete in the moment you accept it and you are aware that what cares[sic] you more is what seems to you more common, more normal. The fear of the unknown is an irrational answer to the excess of imagination; but the daily fear, the fear of the stranger lying in wait, of the noise of steps on the stairs, the fear of a violent death is more disquieting, and real as the consciousness that it could also happen to you. There is nothing more real than reality.


Jormungand, Fragments of a Hologram Rose, inlay

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Vanligt Folk – S/T EP


A couple of weeks ago I was visiting our fine capital city of Stockholm for a live performance of Death in June, which was absolutely fantastic! Douglas P. put on a wonderful show, as always, and the crowd was great and almost everyone sang along to the hits and had a lovely time. The variety of people who were attending was very interesting to see; from the “hard core” synth-goth with 4″ boots and leather trench coat, to the more involved hipster, and the true old-school industrial who’s been around and seen the revolution first hand. But my favorite was a guy from northern Sweden, wearing an old German camo-coat and sporting an extensive knowledge of extreme music that was just up my alley! He was just a swell guy and even Douglas P. seemed to think so, giving him a horned plastic helmet with the totenkopf on a rainbow patch!

But I digress, this post isn’t about people who listen to pretentious neo-folk, it’s about Vanligt Folk

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Spettro Family – Strigoi

Spettro Family - Strigoi


This is one of those hard to categorize styles of music… Ambient, yet too much “energy”, synth, yet too experimental and ambient, avant-garde, yet not challenging enough. Perhaps the fairest and best way to describe the Strigoi tape is… “a haunting surrealist soundtrack to a 70’s impressionistic Italian exploitation film.” Continue reading

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Visual Terror: Torn Hawk – This is Crime & Lace

Torn Hawk has just uploaded another awesome video! Radical!

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