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Fir Cone Children – Firconium


Rise from your grave! *Wooshy magical sounds*

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Alright! Enough procrastination and let’s check out the two new releases from our latest favorit dark wave/synth, or whatever, artist, VLIMMER!

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Vlimmer – I & II


Oh gosh… Where am I, who am I, what year is this? If the start of this year is any indication of what is to come next, I’d better brace myself for the worst…

For any of you lovely, beautiful readers out there were wondering if I had given up and desperately waiting to hear my choices for the best X albums of 2015, I am sorry. At the new year shift I focused on my personal life and other more pressing stuff, and just the week I was getting ready to write the first new review I came down with some weird flu or fever or something, and not the fun kind of fever.  A whole week of feeling like my head was going to implode on itself and barely being able to think straight meant I had to lay in bed all day.

But this isn’t a blog for my personal physical and/or mental health(but if you can assess what you can of it from these reviews, knock yourselves out), but for me to hammer on the keyboard for a while to make me feel a bit more important. And today’s review will be a commissioned thing about the nice darkwave, shoegaze, German band Vlimmer!

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33a – Saperavi


Closing out this little excursion into the Georgian music scene, we will take a listen to the album that started my interest of the Georgian language and music, 33a!

Oh, and so sorry for the loooong wait between the reviews, I’ll try to not keep you in the wait for so long.

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სტუმარი – ბეწვის ხიდი (Stumari – Betsvis Khidi)


Thanks to RamShemqmnaAdamianad for pointing me to the REAL cover art of ბეწვის ხიდი!

Thanks to RamShemqmnaAdamianad for pointing me to the REAL cover art of ბეწვის ხიდი!

გამარჯობათ! კარგად ხარ? მეც კარგად.  დრო მიიღოს მცირე შევხედოთ ქართული მუსიკის სცენა!

“My, what are those strange chicken scratches? Have I suffered a stroke and can’t read, or have I entered the wrong URL?” Don’t you worry your uneducated mind, what you see above you is the very unique and beautiful language and alphabet of the საქართველოს, or the Georgian people! Georgia, the country not the state, is located in the Caucasian mountain range, between the Black Sea and the Dead Sea, and it shares borders with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, and Russia. The country has a very unique and vibrant culture which has been a melting pot of both western and eastern culture, but still they have their very own special flair. A land who is very proud of it’s own culture, be it literature, music, or dancing, it’s a shame we don’t take time and notice it. That is why I will dedicate these next reviews of mine to some of the Georgian music that has stuck with me and made me fall in love with the wonderful Georgian language!

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Ekthros – Pylons to Thanatos

ekthros ptt

*Sigh*, alright, had a little hiatus while organizing my, technically second, concert. Busy organizing, preforming, and dodging any unforeseen complications that are bound to spring forth. In the end I think the concert went well, people turned up, no technical problems during the performances, and everybody involved seems pleased by the show! A big thanks to all involved and a special thanks to EMOK ALIK who was a great sport and gave an excellent performance; definitely check his stuff out! Hopefully there will be a next time, and keep your ears peeled in the near future for the first cassette released by MASUGN on Vrak!

On with the review!

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Ryan Garbes – Shit Education

shit education

Time for something a little less pretentious and somewhat more musically interesting; time for some experimental, psychedelic, art, noise rock.
What?! Don’t give me that look, I’m totally cereal, guise! Come on!

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