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Fir Cone Children – Firconium


Rise from your grave! *Wooshy magical sounds*

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Top Whatever Albums I Remembered From 2015 In No Particular Order (Or, Blimey That’s a Lot of Black Metal Albums Mate)


It’s that time of the year again, well it was a month ago, when it’s time to make an arbitrary list of albums released last year that you liked the most. I don’t really care about these kinds of lists, but for your enjoyment, here is an arbitrary list of albums what I liked! Get on with it!

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33a – Saperavi


Closing out this little excursion into the Georgian music scene, we will take a listen to the album that started my interest of the Georgian language and music, 33a!

Oh, and so sorry for the loooong wait between the reviews, I’ll try to not keep you in the wait for so long.

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ივერია – ივერია (Iveria – S/T)


Now, I do not confess to have the greatest knowledge about the progressive rock music of the 70’s. Still I do like listening to the classics whenever they play on the radio or when a friend plays a song. And the influence and impact it had on the music timeline is undeniable, and as far as I know, almost every country that got in contact with the American super groups tried for themselves to emulate the style, with some more successful results than others. The countries that were behind the Iron Curtain of the time had a bit more trouble to try their hands on this new music genre. Still, there were the bands that somehow got a green light to record and release an album, influenced by the “capitalist super groups”, and ივერია(Iveria) was one of those bands!

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Sebastian Melmoth – In Ruins

In Ruins


Headache, check. Piss-poor weather, check. Energy gone, check. Overall mood, gloomy, check. Sebastian Melmoth – In Ruins, perfect.

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Gyron V – Muscae Volitantes

Gyron V93

“Spring is here! I skip along the pavement, swinging my hat in the air, my trench coat flapping gaily in my stride. The sun is shining on my balding pate and sending sparks off my spectacles like piss hitting a pebble in the golden rays of an early morning. The snow is thawing on the sidewalk, revealing a whole winter of concealed dog turds for me to reap! I sweep my gaze over the menu laid out in the dirty snow. Which one should I pick first?”

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Visual Terror: Mothlite – Something in the Sky

Rejoice and be merry, the weekend is upon us. Enjoy this wondrous video to Something in the Sky by Mothlite!

93 93/93

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