Árstíðir – S/T


Beautiful, emotional, acoustic music from mysitical Iceland!

A relatively new band from Reykjavik, featuring acoustic guitars, violins, pianos, cello and various “classical” instruments, with lyric both in English and Icelandic.

It is a beautiful album with some uneven tracks but the overall feel of the album is very pleasant and a great relaxing album, suitable for most romantic situations.

The tracks with lyrics in Icelandic is the best, partly because the singer has a better sound than when he sings in English and maybe it’s because I think Icelandic is one of the most beautiful languages.

Go to their bandcamp page if you want to listen to it first and it also contains a free song!

1. Ages
2. Heiðin
3. Distance
4. Sunday Morning
5. Látum okkur sjá
6. Kill Us
7. You Have To Know of Me
8. Vonarneisti
9. Næturylur
10. Síðasta kveðjan



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