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Tam Quam Tabula Rasa ‎– Noxia Blandimenta

Summer has come, soon the air will be filled with mucus filing pollen, and I’m cooked up in an office with lots of free time. What better way to pass the time than to do some delightful Discogs archaeology!

I started off with looking at the discography of some good old fashioned industrial tape labels, since it’s been a while I enjoyed some harsh rhythmic melodies. I got caught up with the Insane Music label and their myriad of compilation tapes. Some really fantastic stuff there, and I noticed Kopfschmerztablette, a classic and favorite industrial bands of mine. But hey, what is this release, Objekt Zwei Oder Einfahrt Freihalten? Haven’t seen that one before, and the label, ZNS Tapes? A short-lived, German, tape label from the late 80’s – early 90’s, with a focus on abstract, experimental, industrial, music. And their entire back catalog is available online? Now were talking!

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Karman – 2005 Forever

2005 forever

What’s the deal with Vaporwave and A S T H E T I C ? I get the nostalgic fascination of past styles and iconography, like the newly popular 80’s/90’s/VHS look. But to fetishize the aesthetic of emoticons and early 00’s computers and CGI? Either the cyclical tradition skipped ahead, or the internet progressed so much everybody wants to return to the simpler time of the digital stone-age; but only ironically.

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La Sonorité Jaune – Soundtrack For Breathing Structures / Parallel Soundtracks

La Sonorité Jaune

Dark and dreary atmosphere, slow menacing drones, inhuman and industrial sounds, and an ending of madness and depravity… This is my sonic safe space!

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Organisation Calvaire – Impardonnable | Urbansvart – Translucide


Alright, before I scramble together a list of the best whatever albums of last year, let’s take a quick little listen to two French black/prog? metal project I’ve been meaning to have written about quite a while back. Organisation Calvaire and Urbansvart by Kalvr!

By the way, what was the deal with 2015? For some reason I’ve never put any mind to the year albums were released last year so I can barely remember any released in 2015… I know it’s been a good year for experimental music, but it feels like nothing was released. But, maybe I’ve just gotten a brain tumor and had a music memory lapse.  Forget it, let’s listen to Diapsiqui- I mean Organisation Calvaire!

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The Compass Rose – The Simulation District

The simulation district

*Ding dong*

You know that feeling when browsing Discogs for some new music to stave of the dreariness of reality for a while, and you stumble upon something that just hits all your buttons and fancies, even some you didn’t even know you had? Some new piece of music and art that just makes you feel excited, and fills your mind and heart with some emotion, joy I think it is called, even the thought that something like this could even exist fills you with mirth.

The Compass Rose and Ekhein does this to me.

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ივერია – ივერია (Iveria – S/T)


Now, I do not confess to have the greatest knowledge about the progressive rock music of the 70’s. Still I do like listening to the classics whenever they play on the radio or when a friend plays a song. And the influence and impact it had on the music timeline is undeniable, and as far as I know, almost every country that got in contact with the American super groups tried for themselves to emulate the style, with some more successful results than others. The countries that were behind the Iron Curtain of the time had a bit more trouble to try their hands on this new music genre. Still, there were the bands that somehow got a green light to record and release an album, influenced by the “capitalist super groups”, and ივერია(Iveria) was one of those bands!

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Straight Panic – Wuornos


Straight Panic just released yet another cassette on his new label Fuck Mountain, this time in the form of a fabulous hot pink tape, in-cased with a media-mistreated serial killer. Always provocative, but not so overtly gay this time.

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