Elklink – The Rise of Elklink

This one is quite hard to get grips on… both physically and musically. The closest I can come to categorize it is experimental vocal music.

The album starts with someone whispering into the mic while sampled bits of sound plays softly in the background. Throughout the album the most persistent sound you hear is the muffled sounds of someone talking directly into the mic with many other forms of sound you can make with your mouth chopped up and repeated. The reissue of The Rise of Elklink (which I review)finishes with the musicians redition of a text called The Spoons and some white noise.

To sum up the rise of the totally unknown and forgotten Elklink, it is a ambient vocal record which goes great together with late nights reading some unnerving story and the album is great for setting that weird and haunting ambiance.

It’s still better than 80% of the music on the radio!

1. Tension Tec
2. Pam, Linda & Minor Members
3. The Spoons
4. Untension Tec
5. Paul, Ron & Minor Members
6. The Spoon
7. You

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