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Hellébore / Organisation Calvaire – Table Rase

Table Rase

Anybody remember the Canadian black metal band Hellébore that I wrote about a while back? That cassette was really neat and left me wanting for more, but noting new seemed to spring forth from them. Until that fateful day when I came across Mr. V from the French experimental un-orthodox black metal project Organisation Calvaire, who whispered softly about an amalgamation of old and new ways of the dark sonic arts. And now the time is here to finally hear what that most unholy of collaborations has begotten!

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Fir Cone Children – Firconium


Rise from your grave! *Wooshy magical sounds*

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Alright! Enough procrastination and let’s check out the two new releases from our latest favorit dark wave/synth, or whatever, artist, VLIMMER!

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Top Whatever Albums I Remembered From 2015 In No Particular Order (Or, Blimey That’s a Lot of Black Metal Albums Mate)


It’s that time of the year again, well it was a month ago, when it’s time to make an arbitrary list of albums released last year that you liked the most. I don’t really care about these kinds of lists, but for your enjoyment, here is an arbitrary list of albums what I liked! Get on with it!

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Dormant Seed – A Sad Memory


I just recently found out about a thing called “NBBMN”, which apparently isn’t a acronym for a new pretentious sub-genre, but a acronym for “Nothing But Black Metal November”. Black metal fan’s respons to no-shave-november, or inktober, I guess. Quite a silly thing though if you ask me, because isn’t every month really black metal-month? It is to me at least. Still, I am going to review some black metal albums this month I think, and the first one up is the first release by the new South American, one man band, Dormant Seed!

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სტუმარი – ბეწვის ხიდი (Stumari – Betsvis Khidi)


Thanks to RamShemqmnaAdamianad for pointing me to the REAL cover art of ბეწვის ხიდი!

Thanks to RamShemqmnaAdamianad for pointing me to the REAL cover art of ბეწვის ხიდი!

გამარჯობათ! კარგად ხარ? მეც კარგად.  დრო მიიღოს მცირე შევხედოთ ქართული მუსიკის სცენა!

“My, what are those strange chicken scratches? Have I suffered a stroke and can’t read, or have I entered the wrong URL?” Don’t you worry your uneducated mind, what you see above you is the very unique and beautiful language and alphabet of the საქართველოს, or the Georgian people! Georgia, the country not the state, is located in the Caucasian mountain range, between the Black Sea and the Dead Sea, and it shares borders with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, and Russia. The country has a very unique and vibrant culture which has been a melting pot of both western and eastern culture, but still they have their very own special flair. A land who is very proud of it’s own culture, be it literature, music, or dancing, it’s a shame we don’t take time and notice it. That is why I will dedicate these next reviews of mine to some of the Georgian music that has stuck with me and made me fall in love with the wonderful Georgian language!

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Sunwølf – Beholden to Nothing and No One


At the time of writing, the new noise festival Röset is premiering at the small farm of Svartmyra in the darkest Småländska forests, and unfortunately I am not able to attend the two day noise-fest… Really wished I was able to attend it, but as always, it was just a bit too far away and if I made my way there I wouldn’t be able to pick up any nifty swag. Shame to miss some of the biggest artists in the local scene, like TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, Händer Som Vårdar, Ochu, Alfarmania, and Deutsch Nepal. But they’ll probably show up somewhere else, and I guess it’s not so bad, I’m not a big consert/festival goer. Most shows I go to, I end up feeling like crap and tired for the next couple of days, but it would have been nice to support the local scene and chat with them.

At least I got to see Death in June in Stockholm, I was also close to seeing Chelsea Wolfe and Russian Circles, but they were on the other side of the country at the time I was seeing Death in June. Speaking of bands that have toured with Chelsea Wolfe

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