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ყორღანი – კავკასიონი (Kurgan – Caucasian)

ბედნიერი დღე! I’ve finally found a really good traditional black metal band from Georgia! Heavy on synth and mood, and inaudible growls(in what I hope is Georgian). This is what I’ve been searching for the last 3-4 years! გამომყევი ქვესკნელში სამოგზაუროთ!

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Hellébore / Organisation Calvaire – Table Rase

Table Rase

Anybody remember the Canadian black metal band Hellébore that I wrote about a while back? That cassette was really neat and left me wanting for more, but noting new seemed to spring forth from them. Until that fateful day when I came across Mr. V from the French experimental un-orthodox black metal project Organisation Calvaire, who whispered softly about an amalgamation of old and new ways of the dark sonic arts. And now the time is here to finally hear what that most unholy of collaborations has begotten!

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Top Whatever Albums I Remembered From 2015 In No Particular Order (Or, Blimey That’s a Lot of Black Metal Albums Mate)


It’s that time of the year again, well it was a month ago, when it’s time to make an arbitrary list of albums released last year that you liked the most. I don’t really care about these kinds of lists, but for your enjoyment, here is an arbitrary list of albums what I liked! Get on with it!

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Ekthros – Pylons to Thanatos

ekthros ptt

*Sigh*, alright, had a little hiatus while organizing my, technically second, concert. Busy organizing, preforming, and dodging any unforeseen complications that are bound to spring forth. In the end I think the concert went well, people turned up, no technical problems during the performances, and everybody involved seems pleased by the show! A big thanks to all involved and a special thanks to EMOK ALIK who was a great sport and gave an excellent performance; definitely check his stuff out! Hopefully there will be a next time, and keep your ears peeled in the near future for the first cassette released by MASUGN on Vrak!

On with the review!

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Dunnock/Intergalactic Holocaust – Split


Well, look who is mr. Popular now; another new underground label contacted me to check out their stuff, but this time it’s raw black metal! Prepare your ears for impenetrable walls of distorted guitar screeches and the wailing of a madman, and some mediocre “ambient” track.

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Nemorensis – Lady in the Lake



Last post for Sol y Nieve week, four releases from one of the more interesting label dealing with black metal and the like. Sol y Nieve has a very interesting and varied rooster with talented proprietors of the dark and bleak soundscapes, and with some more interesting packaging and presentation. From Yellow Eyes and Monvment, with their harsh and raw black metal, to more slow and pondering bleak landscapes of Footpaths and Golden Fawn. One thing that shines through all the releases is the creativity and the will to make something new and emotional, and that is what I respect most from the label! The worst thing a label or artist can do is not to make something bad or down right atrocious, but to make something boring and bland. A piece of art that doesn’t give you a new experience or convey any emotion what so ever is the death of art and creativity. So what if it sounds like it recorded with a potato, or if it doesn’t follow any rules, as long as it gave you and emotion or made you think or see or feel something in a different or new way, it has succeeded.  The fact that Sol y Nieve has these unknown, experimental and personal cassettes, makes them shine in my eyes and I applaud them wholeheartedly!

Anyhow, Nemorensis!

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Hellébore – Anouof Thwo

anouof thwo93

It has been a while since I last stargazed. Having moved a bit closer to the city core and living in a apartment with no decent view or balcony, the most I have gazed at the start for a long while is viewing the Big Dipper from my bedroom window. I miss those days when I could walk outside and see the night sky illuminated with the celestial bodies, and just stare and wonder at what could be beyond those giant gas gods.

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