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Anyone remember the electronic music craze of the year 2000? Well the l337 mu5ic m4k3r B4D-W0LF certanly does. He mixes different elements of electronic music to make a somewhat unique sound. There is some amen breaks, techno boredom, a bit of breakcore, some wub dub dubstep, and some very original gunshot samples, all mixed together to make some well put together digital electronic music.

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Enjoy the weekend!

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Scotch Egg – Drumized

Chiptune/IDM/Noise from the circuit bending master Scotch Egg!

Great mix of good tunes, beats, samples and pure chaos. Fun, short and sweet. Reminiscent to Shitmat, Stunt Rock and Venetian Snares. Definitely pick up this album if you want something crazy and fast!

1. Wwwww
2. Drumized
3. Countdown 1, 2, 3
4. Scotch Circus
5. Scotch Grind
6. Scotch Phantom
7. Scotch Boogy
8. Yeah, Final Yo
9. Scotch Metronorm
10. Scotch Circus 2
11. Scotch Grind 2
12. Scotch Beatbox
13. Scotch Jazz
14. Scotch Stoner
15. Scotch Jazzzzz
16. Ummmmm………….


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