Extra Life – Ripped Heart EP

“When you told me that your cyst had fingernails and hair, I swore I’d never touch you again!”

Extra Life is a experimental math-rock band from Brooklyn US, featuring Charlie Looker(Zs, Dirty Projectors), Caley Monahon-Ward(Snowblink) and Nick Podgurski(Yukon). They play a very interesting style of music, namely math-rock, which is very technical and uses weird time signatures, hard and technical guitars often has hard starts and stops. Charlie Looker sings in a style called melisma, which is a form of singing often used in medieval and renaissance music. Melisma is the singing of a single syllable of text while moving between several different notes in succession. This style is quite popular with pop-singers and it fits Charlie’s voice quite well.

Ripped Heart, is thier most accessible album and isn’t very tecnical and Charlie almost never sings in melisma, but the EP still sounds very much like them. And the weird and silly lyrics are still intact. Strong Brother, Weak Brother is one of my favorite songs of the album and the title song is really bombastic and great. Since it’s only an EP it’s way too short and since it is the most accessible album it isn’t very interesting. But if you don’t want to spend time to listen and understand their other difficult, but fantastic, albums, Ripped Heart is a great place to start and a must listen to!

I. Strong Brother, Weak Brother
II. Run Cold
III. Ripped Heart
IIII. Elegy (Cartoon Piano)


I’ll get back to more Extra Life later…


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