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33a – Saperavi


Closing out this little excursion into the Georgian music scene, we will take a listen to the album that started my interest of the Georgian language and music, 33a!

Oh, and so sorry for the loooong wait between the reviews, I’ll try to not keep you in the wait for so long.

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Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness – Foreskin of Enlightenment

Foreskin of Enlightenment

The sun is setting, the snow is laying thick and white on the ground outside, a fresh pot of coffee is brewed. The only thing left is some mood music… The new Boduf Songs album; too clean. Blut Aus Nord; too energetic. 396 Mountains; now we’re getting somewhere. Ak’chamel; perfect!

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Trepaneringsritualen – Perfection & Permanence


Trepaneringsritualen, or shortened to T x R x P, is the main musical project from the mystical, legendary Swedish “goetic death-industrial” artist Thomas Martin Ekelund. He has gained a lot of medial attention over the last couple years, and with good reason! T x R x P spectacular and ritualistic live performances includes all the essentials of a dark disturbing noise/industrial act, lots of blood, religious symbolism, blasphemous chantings, and harsh abrasive soundscapes. Not only can he do impressive live shows, but he has a real knack for design and producing immaculate soundscapes, like his other(dead) project, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words.

With the recent release of his latest full-lenght, Perfection & Permanence, the media fascination and spotlighting of this project has escalated to it being featured on Pitchfork, and named on a magazine list of what a “gothic” teenager should listen to. Has the original exclusivity and intent of a small and personal musical outlet been washed out with the ever increasing media attention? Has the integrity of the intimate ritual been lost, or has just the audience increased?

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Sebastian Melmoth – In Ruins

In Ruins


Headache, check. Piss-poor weather, check. Energy gone, check. Overall mood, gloomy, check. Sebastian Melmoth – In Ruins, perfect.

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Golden Fawn – Danger Fawn Femur

Golden Fawn93

Heeeey everybody! Do you like fawns? Do you also like gold? Why not combine those and get a Golden Fawn?! All the joy and grace of a tender fawn grazing in a dew covered meadow, with the splendor and status of gold! It may be a hassle to care for and the insurance payment is through the roof, but at least you can boast to your friends that you own a ethereal singing Golden Fawn and a swanky leather pouch! Golden Fawn! You could do worse!

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Gyron V – Muscae Volitantes

Gyron V93

“Spring is here! I skip along the pavement, swinging my hat in the air, my trench coat flapping gaily in my stride. The sun is shining on my balding pate and sending sparks off my spectacles like piss hitting a pebble in the golden rays of an early morning. The snow is thawing on the sidewalk, revealing a whole winter of concealed dog turds for me to reap! I sweep my gaze over the menu laid out in the dirty snow. Which one should I pick first?”

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Preterite – From the Wells


Preterite, or preterit, is the grammatical form of a verb or tense that denotes events that took place in the past. But let’s ignore the grammar lesson and let’s pour ourselves a glass of wine and let the siren song of Geneviève take us away to places and times long past.

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