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ყორღანი – კავკასიონი (Kurgan – Caucasian)

ბედნიერი დღე! I’ve finally found a really good traditional black metal band from Georgia! Heavy on synth and mood, and inaudible growls(in what I hope is Georgian). This is what I’ve been searching for the last 3-4 years! გამომყევი ქვესკნელში სამოგზაუროთ!

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Estatic Fear – Somnium Obmutum

Lets take a break from all this lo-fi, made-in-my-brothers-basement, indie rock, and turn our attention to some extravagant, elegant symphonic black metal from the home of all classical music, Austria!

Classical symphonies and black metal don’t usually meet, but when they do, sparks fly. Both styles have their somber and melancholic sound and yet can be big and bombastic. The harshness of the growls and drums makes a good juxtaposition to the pleasant and beautiful melodies of the symphony.

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