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Tenhornedbeast / Marzuraan – The Law of the Needle / Into Countless Battles

Photo from Aurora Borealis Bandcamp.93

Well, I’m back from my summer vacation spent cruising around the country side and doing fuck all. But now I feel it’s time to get back at writing stuff that no one will read, about music that no one likes, after all that’s all I do nowadays! Now, let’s kick it of with a split-CD from the great music label Aurora Borealis!

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Yellow Eyes/Monvment – Split

Two of the best underground/true/lo-fi/whatever-you-want-to-call-it black metal bands, to emerge from the United States, have banded together and released a truly monumental and blasphemous split! The cassette is at the same time the second album released by both the New York based, Yellow Eyes and Chicago based, Monvment. If you ever doubted that there  could ever come great and raw black metal music from the land of plastic and over consumption, this cassette shows great promise of two great and individual bands may be coming forth to set their mark on the underground black metal scene!

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Kites/Prurient – The Hidden Family/+White+

A 12″ split from the two noise artists Kites and Prurient, whom are both quite prolific and good artists. The album is one of the first noise albums I heard, besides Merzbow and Jessica Rylan. Both artist on the split are quite known in the noise world and have a different sound to their msuic.

Prurient’s side on the split consists of one short, quite calm, instrumental song and a harsher song with screetching sounds and some wierd drums and cymbals accompanied with Dominic Ferrnow’s screams(with lyrics!).

Kites’ side is a bit more melodic than the A side, and utilizes more samples and have a more refined sound to it,I you can say that… It is still great and great example that noise doesn’t always have to be a wall of feedback and painful screeches.

The overall feel in this album is great an the both sides compliments each other and is a great listen!

Kites – The Hidden Family

A1: The Hidden Family
A2: Screw Style
A3: All the Jesus Shit
A4: Tears of the Youth
A5: Footsteps on the Path, Animals in the Trees

Prurient – +White+

B1: I Lay Down On The Ground In The Woods And Fell Asleep (Instrumental)
B2: Spanish Moss

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