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Law of the Rope / Crown of Bone – Split CS


Noise and black metal, a combination that is almost guarantied to be successful. Both genres are centered around the same or similar themes; death, evil, discord, chaos, and general unpleasantness. Even the music sounds somewhat the same, at least to some people. Even though the genres share the same philosophies and sound, there haven’t been THAT many splits from noise/BM-bands. Mostly from the fringe edges of both genres, and the bands that try to make a fusion with the genres often end up with a bland mess, than with something stunning. Maybe its because the inherent chaos and discord in both the styles means that neither of them can get along, or that both of them are too dominant so just one becomes audible; which is what has happened to this cassette, sadly.

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Ash Borer – S/T

Ash Borer really surprised me the first time I listened to them, I was expecting just another upstarting black metal band that sounds hard and rough simply because the low production quality, like it was recorded in someones basement on a tape recorder. But what I found was truly something more!

Ash Borer was formed in 2008 in Arcata, California, by M, A, K, N and R. They released their first demo tape in 2010 and the have re-released it and released some other live tapes, a split w/t Fell Voices, and a discography, on several labels. Their latest album, Cold of Ages, will be released in August 14th on Profound Lore Records label.

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