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Tam Quam Tabula Rasa ‎– Noxia Blandimenta

Summer has come, soon the air will be filled with mucus filing pollen, and I’m cooked up in an office with lots of free time. What better way to pass the time than to do some delightful Discogs archaeology!

I started off with looking at the discography of some good old fashioned industrial tape labels, since it’s been a while I enjoyed some harsh rhythmic melodies. I got caught up with the Insane Music label and their myriad of compilation tapes. Some really fantastic stuff there, and I noticed Kopfschmerztablette, a classic and favorite industrial bands of mine. But hey, what is this release, Objekt Zwei Oder Einfahrt Freihalten? Haven’t seen that one before, and the label, ZNS Tapes? A short-lived, German, tape label from the late 80’s – early 90’s, with a focus on abstract, experimental, industrial, music. And their entire back catalog is available online? Now were talking!

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Spettro Family – Strigoi

Spettro Family - Strigoi


This is one of those hard to categorize styles of music… Ambient, yet too much “energy”, synth, yet too experimental and ambient, avant-garde, yet not challenging enough. Perhaps the fairest and best way to describe the Strigoi tape is… “a haunting surrealist soundtrack to a 70’s impressionistic Italian exploitation film.” Continue reading

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